Bug Forwarding Team

This process is transparent to the public, and open to any contributor who demonstrates the necessary skills and commitment to the project.

gNewSense is based on Debian, sharing many of its packages, tools and techniques with that project. Differences between gNewSense and Debian are mostly freedom issues as stated in our FAQ.

Joining The Team

  1. Read the Community Guidelines.

  2. Join the development mailing list, introduce yourself, and tell us how would you like to help.

  3. Create an account in the Web site and add yourself to the EditorGroup. This will allow you to edit most pages.

  4. Create an account in Savannah. Savannah is the project management system used by gNewSense developers.


All the communications among the members of the Bug Forwarding Team and other gNewSense teams take place in the development mailing list and IRC.

Tasks And Bugs

gNewSense developers use Savannah as their project management system. All gNewSense development teams use the Savannah issue trackers to report and track the status of tasks and bugs related to their respective fields. This is why joining the Team requires that you create an account on Savannah.

Learning Resources

See learning resources.

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