include the lines below in each gen- file.

 # Used to autodetect dependancies
 #-packagename in each gen- script.

packagename is the name of the package being (re)built. if multiple package dependancies are needed for a buildscript, have multiple lines

builder (or a 'bootstrap' script) has the following lines added:

for PACKAGEDEPENDS in $(grep -h "#-" gen-* |cut -c 1,2 --complement -) do

    sudo apt-get build-dep $PACKAGEDEPENDS


Currently, no gen- scripts support this, as i'm effectively 'still playing'. the following packages need build depends

linux-image-$(uname -r) ubiquity update-manager ubuntu-artwork base-files ubuntu-meta launchpad-integration grub system-tools-backends example-content gnome-panel gnome-app-install kubuntu-meta kubuntu-default-settings firefox usplash hal

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