This is a page is for documenting notes/thought about a d-i builder.

I'm going to braindump a few things here:

you need $MIRROR/


you need a debmirror that wont eat your new files on every update (note that i havent checked if this breaks proper deleting of files that include the --excluded stuff) also note this is the same debmirror script in our wiki, but with a new set of options (--ignore=), so you can customise as needed.

wesnoth:/home/hardydcd/srv/ubuntu-cd# cat

  1. !/bin/bash

arch=i386,amd64 section=main,main/debian-installer,universe release=dapper,dapper-updates,dapper-security,dapper-backports,hardy,hardy-updates,hardy-security,hardy-backports inPath=pub/ubuntu/ubuntu proto=http outPath=ubuntu-mirror ignore="--ignore doc/ --ignore indices/ --ignore tools/ --ignore README$"

debmirror -a $arch -s $section -h $server -d $release -r $inPath -e $proto $ignore --progress --verbose --source --ignore-release-gpg $outPath

any debian-cd that will build our cds (customised hardy/dapper images) will need to be a mashup of debian-cd upstream svn and ubuntu's bzr custom branches.

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