This README is a summarised look at the gNewSense project and the gNewSense Live CD, if you require help or assistance please read section 5 "Where to go for help or assistance".


gNewSense is a project which aims to make a GNU Philosophy-compatible version of one of the most popular GNU/Linux distributions around – Ubuntu GNU/Linux. Many GNU/Linux distributions aim to be feature-packed and to do things on a par with other, less free, proprietary systems. gNewSense is for users who believe all software should be 100% free and open; and that it should be up to the users as much as the developers what to do with that software and it's source code.

The Project Goals

The gNewSense project has two simple goals:

To provide a free, simple, usable system based on a popular, well known GNU/Linux distribution. To provide a convenient means for users to easily produce their own GNU/Linux distributions.

The Live CD

The gNewSense Live CD is intended as a way to “checkout” the system without affecting the hard disk or what may already be installed on the computer while providing an easy to use wizard for installing the system to the hard disk should gNewSense suit one's requirements.

In most cases to boot the Live CD simply insert the CD into your CD-ROM drive and restart the computer. The CD should be detected and should boot up to a boot prompt, under most circumstances pressing Return should proceed to load the system. The Live CD gNewSense GNU/Linux distribution should present itself with all the features that would be provided on a default install to the hard disk.

Installing gNewSense


Double-click the Install icon on the desktop, a user-guided install wizard should appear on screen. The wizard asks for the language, time zone, partition layout and an initial user name and password for the installation. Once the installation is complete a choice is given: to restart the computer or continue to use the Live CD. Under most circumstances it is better to restart the computer and boot into the fresh installation.

Where to go for help or assistance

For help or assistance regarding the gNewSense Live CD or a gNewSense installation please go to the website or the project IRC channel #gnewsense on

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