perhaps a 'builder setup script'. runs these steps witha menu, you get to choose what you want ('make a key\n use my existing\ make repo, use existing, etc). then it runs the follow on stuff

something that picks out the packages that need changing and gets build-deps would be cool

the wiki page says 'you only need to worry about blah', then explains a whole bunch of points. do 'must fix' and 'could fix' section?

config file can be hard to read

not sure what repoapt does still - where outgoign packages go?

listed options shuld match the order they are in config

repoapt could use $DISTROAME_L instead of hardcoding the last bit of the path?

look into copying code for debs (for syncing), see if it can easily be replaced with symlinking

when making repo, code to make it ln instead of cp if possible. if [ md5sum $NEWPACKAGE != md5sum $OLDPACKAGE ]

        relevent repo updating bit.


        relevent repo registering bit


perhaps look at how debian-cd does this.

using a key with a passphrase will fail, with an error that doesn't apear on the net >.<

are these bits free? Files to investigate (from kernel) /drivers/base/firmware_class.o drivers/firmware/*

run it in screen (if the network drops, you dont need to worry) could it be run |tee ~/output, for later debugging?

can gen-livecd be run fakeroot?

use the same system as for livecd varients to power the different arches?

It's fun and exciting to replace the current raster image generation code with SVG that gets altered and rasterized. Could a patch like this be worked into Builder?

does local.config have a point in reality?

add a 'community' repo (as oposed to universe/backports)

find how to skip postfix config. this might only be one one/some of the "extra" chroots, not main one (?)

document/reference setting up keybased ssh auth for rsyncing mirrors

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