Proposal Implemented

This proposal was sent to the development mailing list for discussion, and submitted to Savannah Task Manager as Task #12855.

Add Credits Page to the Web Site

This is a proposal to add a Credits page to the website listing all the people who have contributed or still contributes to gNewSense in any field. The Credits page could be linked from the following pages:

Bellow this line is the proposed structure for the Credits page.


This page lists all the people who have contributed or still contribute to gNewSense in any field. Be sure to add yourself if you're not already listed.

The following notation is used to indicate if a contributor is still available to contribute to a given field.

Project Leadership

Jane Roe (janeroe) {*}


Luis Felipe López Acevedo (sirgazil) {*}


Jacky Lad (jackylad) {o}





Systems Administration




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