NuevoSentido: A New Theme For gNewSense 2

About NuevoSentido

This is an art proposal for the the different parts of the system that require some kind of themes and graphics. The design was made taking the following keywords into account:

Contact info

Proposed by sirgazil.


Download NuevoSentido, it's already usable and contains all the artwork listed in this page.

Here I propose a change for the original logo of gNewSense or a new logo:

This is how it looks in the system:

And this is the other:

GDM theme

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GDM theme

Desktop Backgrounds

These are for widescreen, but the theme contains different versions for different aspect ratios.

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Splash screens

Desktop themes

The first one would be the default.

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System Sounds

Login sound

The sounds were extracted from:

Star Drops -- by Orb Gettarr, cc-by-sa

The Ghosts of Ancient Light (FL Mix) -- by Orb Gettarr, cc-by-sa

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