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The gNewSense distribution build process is currently a very manual process and it's mostly done by a single person. We need to automate this more so that we can have quicker updates and share the responsibility between more people.

Contact info

The preferred communication channel is the gnewsense-dev mailing list. For meetings we can use #gnewsense-dev.

Plan of approach

  1. Set up VCS repo.
    1. Push Builder code back to Savannah.
    2. Announce on gnewsense-dev and assemble interested contributors.
    3. Give contributors write access to VCS repo.
    4. Create branch for every contributor. Sam acts as gatekeeper to master.
  2. Builder acts on a single distribution. Find a way to merge multiple distributions into 1.
  3. Update Builder to Debian.
    1. Strip down Builder to its core (remove gen scripts etc.)
    2. Update Builder for Debian without -security.
    3. Update Builder for Debian with security.
    4. Write package modifiers.
      1. Use Builder's packages/ mechanism (so we can have packages-ucclia style development) or use gen-scripts?
  4. Go live with new repo.
  5. Make Builder deb package.


Additional information


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