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Compiz Settings Manager

apt-get install compizconfig-settings-manager

Fun Features

Scale, this is compiz plugin will when activated expose all of the windows that you currently have open.

To enable it go to System -> Preferences -> Advanced Desktop Effects Settings, now click on Window Management on the left.

Click on Scale and go to the Bindings tab. Modify Initiate Window Picker and choose a part of the screen that you'd like. Now when you move your cursor to that part of the screen your windows should scale out.

Totem Video

Run gstreamer-properties and go the Video tab, change the output to X Window System (No Xv), this should solve any issues you have with video/visualizations and totem. Note though, the video quality will be reduced as your video card will not be used to process the video, so you may notice some pixelation.

Usability Issues

I've noticed that sometime if for example you have two windows maximized, one on top of the other, and you close one, sometimes the one underneath closes.

My suggested fix for this is go to the Advanced Desktop Effects Settings manager, go to the effects section, click of Fading Windows and increase the fade time. I have set my fade time to 8.000 which currently seems to have solved the issue.


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