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Trying Out The System

The Live medium (CD, DVD or USB stick) is a fully functional gNewSense system; it will allow you to try out the system features before you install it. This is important not only to see if you like the system itself, but to make sure that your computer hardware works well with gNewSense.

Note that using the system as a Live session is slower than using an installed system. Your experience may vary depending on your computer specifications.

Now, insert the Live medium you just created and restart your computer.

Live session user name and password

The Live system logs in automatically, but these are the credentials should you need them: username = user, password = live.

Boot menu

If your computer detects the Live medium correctly, you will be presented with the Installer boot menu. If you don't see this and your computer loads the current operating system as usual (if any), please read the Common Problems with Live media.

Select the Live option using the arrow keys and press Enter. Wait for the system to load.

Boot menu

When the loading process is completed you will see the desktop and you can start to explore the system. Take a look around. Check whether all your hardware is working (USB devices, wireless network card, printer, etc.). You can use the Live system to surf the Internet, to connect to other machines on your home network, to try out the default applications such as OpenOffice.org (office suit), Totem (media player) or the GIMP (image manipulation software).

If you find any problem while using the live system or you don't understand something, check the Problems And Solutions documentation or ask for support.

Note: You can access your hard disk for reading while you're in the Live system. You can find it in Places ▸ Computer.

Boot menu

When you're done, you can stop using the Live system or install gNewSense to your hard disk. To do the former, go to System ▸ Shut Down... and select Shut Down in the dialog. After a few seconds, you will be asked to remove the CD/DVD and press Enter.

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