Could not upgrade ICE authority file


After upgrading to gNewSense 3.0 from an earlier version or another GNU/Linux distro and upon logging in the first time with the non-root user name created during the installation process the following error message may appear: "Could not update ICE authority file /home/[username]/.ICEauthority". Additionally if you dismiss the error dialog the desktop will appear with desktop items but not the menu and task bars. Attempts to access desktop items may cause other error message appears such as the current user does not have access rights to update the gconf file.


During the installation process:

  1. Created the same user name as from the earlier version.
  2. The option to manually partition the hard drives was selected.
  3. During the manual partition process, the home directory was not repartitioned, reformated or erased. ( The old home directory is retained.)

The new user id or group id may not be the same as the old ones for each directory and file in the home/[username] directory (substitute the actual username for '[username]').


  1. Reboot, from the boot menu select the Recovery option, at the command prompt log on as root, and execute the command "chown -R [username] /home/[username]/" (substitute the actual username for '[username]') or
  2. From the same command prompt as in 1. edit /etc/passwd and /etc/group and replace the new user id and/or group id with the old ones. or
  3. During the installation process use the expert mode and set the old user id and/or group id.

The latter two requires recording the old user id and group id before upgrading.

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