The Live CD/DVD/USB Won't Load

There are different things that could be causing this problem.

Check The Integrity of The ISO File

If you wish to check the md5sum hash of the images, check the DVD image MD5SUM file or the netboot image MD5SUM file.

Check The BIOS Configuration

Bios set up screen

The BIOS is a small program that runs when you start your computer. One of its main jobs is to load the operating system from one of the available hardware devices in the computer such as the hard disk, CD/DVD drive or USB ports. It is possible that the Live media is not loading because the BIOS is configured to load from the hard disk drive first. To be able to try out the Live media, it is necessary to tell the BIOS to load first any operating system from the CD/DVD/USB drive. To do so you have to access the BIOS setup. The way to do it is similar for a great variety of computers:

Bios boot order screen

  1. Restart your computer. You should see a screen that displays the name of the manufacturer of your BIOS and information on how to access its setup utility. For example, F2=Setup.

  2. Press and hold the appropriate key in the screen in which the above information is given. The setup utility should load.
  3. Look for the Boot device configuration and change the order so that the BIOS looks in the CD/DVD/USB drive first.

  4. Save the changes and exit.

Once you have done this, insert the Live medium again and restart your computer, gNewSense should load correctly. If nothing happens, read the other possibilities.

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