This page describes how to manage printers. To print documents, you first need to determinate the connection between your computer and the printer, then install the appropriate printer driver.

Printer connection

To manage printer(s), go to System -> Administration -> Printing. To add one, click on the New Printer Icon.

Network Printer

AppSocket/HP JetDirect

You first have to complete the host ip, for example:

Click on the Forward button.


You will be asked to choose the company that built your printer, for example "HP", and then the model, for example "DeskJet 840C". You can then choose the driver you want.

You then have to choose the printer name, for example "HP_DeskJet840C". Click Apply and you're done.


At any time, in graphical environment, you can access printer(s) definition and management in a web browser at url: http://localhost:631/.

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