I started my GNU/Linux adventure some 4 years ago and haven't looked back ever since. A friend of mine who studied computer science in a uni of tech suggested me to try out GNU/Linux and I did, hands shaking abit despite having used computers for 19 years before it. I was very pleasantly surprised by the feeling of freedom and happiness, community and sharing. Oh the joy!

I'm currently using Trisquel GNU/Linux (another free as in freedom GNU/Linux distro) since they have a more recent version out at the moment. However I think that gNewSense has a better foundation as it is directly based on Debian whereas Trisquel is based on Ubuntu (which is based on Debian). I'm very much looking forward to the next gNewSense release.

I think that in order to make the biggest difference, the fully free GNU/Linux distros much co-operate and share 110% as there are so many who don't care about people's freedoms.

Long live Richard Stallman!


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