Hibernate (born Mattias)
E-mail: Hibernate@linuxmail.org

18 years old
Science student, musician, graphical artist
1 to 6 years left to study science


  1. Mathematics
  2. Programming
  3. Computer Science

Current Projects

  1. (Offline) Writing 2D game with just too much math and physics (part of below)
  2. (Offline) Writing 2D gaming engine
  3. (Offline) Rewriting a SVG library (part of above)
  4. (Offline) Writing a text editor
  5. (Online) Database based media player (not free, half of the crew what it closed, just working on it for personal interest)
  6. (Offline) Cracking misc software with 0% useful protection from stuff that matters 0% for the company.

Sleeping Projects (Will be resume when the most of the above are completed)

  1. Build a sex-legged robot (~50% complete)
  2. Adding more characters to the keyboard (currently on ~800 characters)

Runs on:


  1. Preferres gNewSense
  2. Windows XP Pro SP 2 if required (ie mostly school stuff)
  3. Have also runned: RedHat, Mandrake & Ubuntu


  1. Dell D1626HT on NVIDIDA GeForce Ti 4200 with AGP8X

  2. Dell M991 on Matrox Graphics Millennium II with PCI


  1. AMD Athlon™ XP 2400+
  2. 2.00 GHz
  3. 512 MB of RAM (my bother accidently broke 1 GB, hopping to get it back)
  4. Soon running out of my 580 GB
  5. 24Mb/s
  6. 32-bit

Trully experienced on Java, C#, XHTML & SQL
have also tried ASP, VB, C, C++, Python & Perl and more.

Have legal access to:
All version of Windows ever created since Windows 95
All modern utility software created by Microsoft


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