I love using Free Software.

I'm using Gnewsense now :-)

Though I have a few problems.

1. Unable to install openssh-server. *** BIG HUGE BUG. 2. vrms shows some non-free icons.


minor ones.

1. Unable to play bzflag. 2. I want to have VLC. 3. The linux-ubuntu-modules-2.6.24-16-386 is bugging me to install it, but I'm afraid I might lose the sound again


Work arounds.

1. I installed a debian copy of burningdog. 2. Not sure why libmyspell3c2 was not in the repository, because it is available in ubuntu and is FREE SOFTWARE. 3. The same thing with cl-swank_????? 4. Got the sound back using the WORKAROUND specified, but why is sound being disabled?



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