Interestingly, I don't usually go by a name in forums other than my own, so that's really my name above. I am a newspaper editor by profession in the United States (Santa Cruz, California), but I'm currently making a career change and studying computer science at Cabrillo College in Aptos, California (where I organize the GNU/Linux Users Group on campus -- the GLUG, which is the sound you make drinking "free beer"). I also blog as "Larry the Free Software Guy" at

My interest in gNewSense revolves around the fact that it is completely free software. I would like someday to be of help to Karl Goetz in establishing a PowerPC version of gNewSense, since there are thousands of perfectly good, perfectly reliable Mac PowerPC machines out there abandoned by the predatory-cat-of-the-month that Apple releases. However, my programming skill set at this point is virtually nil.

I am proud to be an associate member of the Free Software Foundation.


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