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A GNU/Linux project, to take all the binary blobs out of a rather popular distribution and make it all free. In doing so we have also produced a set of scripts that allow anyone to create a GNU/Linux Distribution.

Join us on IRC or the Lists. See our Software, Features, Who We Are and our Mission.



LiveCD 1.0 now available. New artwork and builder enhancements/fixes. FSF Press Release
-bbrazil November 02, 2006, at 11:00 AM

LiveCD 0.93 now available. All known kernel firmware removed and many other improvements.
-bbrazil October 30, 2006, at 09:09 PM

We now have a mailing list. See Lists.
-bbrazil October 27, 2006, at 06:59 PM

LiveCD 0.92 now available. Brings memtest working on livecd, less firmware, redirected launchpad-integration and better livecd versioning.
-bbrazil September 14, 2006, at 01:30 PM

We now have security support.
-bbrazil 28/08/2006

-ompaul 25/08/2006

Want to know how to create your own version of this or other distros. How To Create Your Own GNULinux Distribution

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