A GNU/Linux project, to take all the binary blobs out of a rather popular distribution and make it all free. In doing so we have also produced a set of scripts to create a free GNU/Linux Distribution based off Ubuntu.

Join us on IRC. See our Software, Features, Who We Are and our Mission.

Mailing list: http://lists.nongnu.org/mailman/listinfo/gnewsense-users

Call for developers: please join the irc channel named above. We need people who are looking at the debian mailing lists, ubuntu mailing lists, and kernel mailing lists. Joining IRC and leaving your details they will be picked up and passed to ompaul and bbrazil.

See our bugs pages for things you may be able to contribute to. http://bugs.gnewsense.org/

Call For Help!

We need help: Removing the firmware requires basic C, makefile and sed regex skills.

Please attend the irc channel, hang around, and give us a dig out Please.


LiveCD 0.92 now available. Brings memtest working on livecd, less firmware, redirected launchpad-integration and better livecd versioning.
-bbrazil September 14, 2006, at 01:30 PM

We now have security support.
-bbrazil 28/08/2006

-ompaul 25/08/2006




For redundancy we have two torrents setup on different servers:

  1. http://torrent3.gnewsense.org (Primary)

  2. http://torrent.gnewsense.org (Backup)

Only use the Backup if the Primary goes down. We aren't offering direct downloads at this time, so please seed generously. Please leave your torrent running once you have downloaded if you can, or start it again later when you have gNeWsense up and running, help us share the load. If you're behind NAT, setup port forwarding to you torrenting system, this will give everyone better speeds.

Current version number 0.92 (beta), released 14 September 2006. Tackled some non-free issues, and added additional features.

This is yet another Beta release, it is getting better.

Coming soon ISO downloads.

Project History

Want to know how to create your own version of this or other distros (Note it is beta.) How To Create Your Own GNULinux Distribution We could do with some help to polish this up. What we want to do is essentially provide a method of plugging in a few variables and you should have your own live cd. One suggested use is creating a distribution for internal use within a company. It is adaptable.

How the software was Freed!


This is the collection of scripts we refer to as builder which were used to blast away the Non Free Software.

Suggested reading: http://www.gnu.org/philosophy/