I figured it's about time I wrote a proper profile, so here goes.

The name is Stewart Starbuck, currently living in Plymouth, England, where I am in my first year of a BA (hons) History degree.

What brings me to gNewSense? I've been a GNU/Linux user for about 3 years now, but only in the last 8 months or so have I been using it as my main OS (I used to dual-boot with XP). I used to use Ubuntu, and was happy at first with it. I soon learned about the FSF, and quickly found myself agreeing with the principles outlined there for Free Software. Finding that Ubuntu did not meet these views I looked for a replacement, and quickly found gNS via the FSF/GNU websites.

gNS is now my only OS installed, as although some of my hardware will not work due to the need of proprietary drivers (my broadcom wireless card being the main one), they are all things I can live without for the time being.

Thus I am happy to help verify gNS packages, in the hope that it may better the Free Software community!

If you need to contact me for some reason, or just want a chat, you can mail me here: laid.back.vampire ((at)) gmail ((dot)) com


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