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This page has more information related to task #12789 submitted to Savannah.

Documents Rejected by Debian

Following Richard Stallman's email (and his first one on this subject), and also because future version of gNewSense will be based upon Debian, we need to make Free Documentation rejected by Debian available for gNewSense. See also gNewSense bug reports: and


Debian decided to reject documentation under the GFDL because of:

More information on those problems are available on and

List of Free Documentation rejected by Debian

Free Documentation rejected by debian includes:

GNU: Autoconf, Binutils, Bison, Emacs, Gawk, Gcc, Gdb, GLIBC, Guile, Make, Texinfo

Links to those packages on Debian website:

Action to be taken

Original Documentation List

Here is a list of documentation for current stable versions of GNU programs, note that gNewSense does not necessarily include latest version of GNU programs.

Other GNU software documentation can be found within the page.

GNU documentation package

The gnu-doc package contains all documentation listed above. The current version for gNewSense can be found at

Download it. Then install it in the terminal with:

sudo dpkg -i gnu-doc_*_all.deb

Please report any problem to our gnewsense-dev mailing list.



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