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These instructions explain how to install gNewSense Parkes on a bootable USB stick running on the Lemote/Loongson 8133 Notebook.

This USB stick is aimed as a rescue system with graphical user interface (Gnome 2.6).

For information on the 8133 Notebook, refer to GNewSenseToMIPS-3A


Creation of an USB stick

Create 2 ext2 partitions (for the /boot and the / filesystems)

Debootstrapping gNewSense

Compiling Loongson Kernel


Includes the patch with the Freedo logo.

Copy the vmlinuz file to the first partition of the USB stick (/boot partition of the target system, in the "2.6" directory)


Copy boot.cfg to the /boot partition ( /dev/sdb1 filesystem) of the target system

timeout 3
default 0
showmenu 1

title gns 2.6 (vmlinuz)
        kernel /dev/fs/ext2@usb0/2.6/vmlinuz
        args console=tty quiet splash root=/dev/sdb2 resume=/dev/sda3


Copy the fstab file to the /etc directory ( /dev/sdb2 filesystem) of the target system

/dev/sdb2       /       ext2    defaults        0       1
/dev/sda3       none    swap    sw              0       0



Usable as a rescue system.

Installing a partition manager (either graphical or text-based), it will be possible to resize the partitions on the internal hard disk.

gNewSense 3 on a USB stick, running on Lemote/Loongson 8133 notebook (with Gnome, Cairo Dock)


gNewSense 3 on a USB stick, running on Lemote/Loongson 8133 notebook (System monitor)

Not working

At boottime, after the Freedo logo, the first (non blocking) lines are:

[  0.556000] [drm:rs690_pm_info] *ERROR* No integrated system info for your GPU, using safe default
[  0.556000] [drm:radeon_atombios_sideport_present] *ERROR* Unuspported IGP table: 1.4


Freedo logo on Loongson 8133 screen)

[  5.092000] Kernel panic - not syncing: VFS: Unable to mount root fs on unknown-block(2,0)
[  5.092000] panic occurred, switching back to text console



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