It can be very difficult for people who have never used computers before, and their first experience is gNewSense.

Editing text files through the shell/console

Note: Especially useful if the xorg server doesn't start. You can use the program emacs to edit text files. You can follow the tutorial by starting emacs:


Then once it has started, hold down the 'ctrl or control' key and while holding it press the 'h' key on your keyboard. Then press the 't' key to start the tutorial. (before you get used to the new buttons you can use the arrow keys to scroll around)

(suggestion for more user friendly, or less steep learning curve text editor?)

If the X server doesn't start

On at least 1 system(Themis) didn't start up after the metapackage gnewsense-pkgsel-desktop was installed, and a reboot followed.


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