In addition to being able to order online through tekmote in the Netherlands, it is possible to order direct from the manufacturers in China (should be cheaper).

It is necessary to email them first at to get a quote on the price in USD and to let them know you will be transferring the funds via international wire transfer to their bank.

WARNING You may be charged a "Beneficiary bank fee" which is deducted after transfer so that Lemote do not receive the full amount. In USD, it seems to be a fixed 25 dollar charge that you should transfer on top of the requested Yeeloong device and freight costs.

Lemote will send you the bank details for you to use for an international wire transfer.

As of 29th July 2009, the cost for the Yeelong 8089B was USD350 (plus a USD40 freight charge to Australia)
A further USD25 should also be included to ensure that the required USD390 reaches Lemote's bank account.

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