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It has been decided that the new wiki will be MoinMoin (see also the comparison of the wikis considered). This page serves to assemble all information relevant to writing the migration script.

Ideally, not just the current revisions at the moment of migration will be moved, but also the entire page history and user accounts. This is because we'd like to keep track of all the copyright holders of the content.


Migration script implementation

Modify PmWiki to convert its wiki syntax to intermediate XML. Then use a Python script to convert the XML to MoinMoin syntax. The modified PmWiki (pmwiki-preproc) will run separately from the one actually running the wiki, being called at the time of migration by the Python script.

The code is being kept in the wikimig branch in Bazaar.

Notes for editors.


Implementation plan

Migration steps:

  1. Set up MoinMoin on server and test whether it's working.

  2. Delete pages, users that were created during testing.
  3. Disable login on PmWiki (and put up a notice).

  4. Run migration.
    1. Make sure latest migration script sources are on the server.
    2. Migrate profiles: Set symlink to shared.d; in, set area="profiles"; run with --import-users
    3. Migrate wiki: Set symlink to wiki/wiki.d and in, set area="wiki"
    4. Migrate www: Set symlink to www/wiki.d and in, set area="www"
  5. Create SideBar page

  6. Check InterWikiMap page

  7. Check if everything went as expected (check wikimig log, sample some pages, ...).
  8. Change Apache configuration (point www to Moinmoin).

Necessary access and tools:

Post migration

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