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Re-Licensing Artwork

At present all the artwork that is part of this web-site is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike Unported 3.0 (CC BY-SA 3.0) and the documentation present in the web-site is licensed under the GNU Free Documentation License with no invariant sections. After a recent clarification by the FSF, we came to know that the CC BY-SA 3.0 and the GNU FDL are not compatible, though both are copy-left licenses.

In a conversation (gnu.org #701091) between Licensing Ninja Brett Smith and Sam Geeraerts on this licensing issue, Brett suggested three solutions to the problem. Their conversation follows :

 Sam Geeraerts said :   
 I've looked at our website again. Artwork is always recognizable
 as artwork (e.g. an image on a page named ArtworkPlan/Propose). GFDL
 is supposed to cover entire Web pages, minus any artwork.  

 Brett Smith said :

 The GFDL wants to cover everything.  If you want it to cover everything
 *minus* some specific part, you're working against the license's design
 goals, and you'd need to provide an additional permission to make it
 happen.  And all this is true for CC BY-SA, too.

 You have three main options: have everything be under the GFDL, have
 everything be under CC BY-SA, or keep your current dichotomy but make
 sure all contributors provide extra permission for wiki pages and
 artwork to be combined the way you currently lay out.

After a discussion in the gNewSense developer mailing list, it was concluded that the whole web-site -- the documentation & the artwork be licensed under the GNU FDL. This wiki page will be a place which will capture the progress of the re-licensing of the gNewSense web-site to fully GNU FDL.

Update : alexus responded to us stating his dis-approval of the decision (quite hasty, indeed) to re-license the Artwork to GFDL by giving a couple of reasons why the project should not re-license the Artwork to GFDL. This license issue might be up for discussion in the gnewsense-art list before we move on. -- sddhrth 2012-05-27 18:55:26

Join Us

Anyone who is interested can join us in our effort to re-license the artwork in gNewSense. Read the Things to be done section to get started.

Things to be done

Artwork List

Artwork by Sirgazil

Status : Sirgazil responded and approved to re-license his work under the GFDL.

Artwork by gnufs

Status : gnufs responded and approved to re-license his work under the GFDL.

Artwork by alexus

Status : alexus responded and dis-approved to re-license Artwork to only to GFDL. He suggest that old Artwork be dual-licensed (GFDL & CC BY-SA) and new Artwork be licensed under GFDL.

Artwork by Briareoh

Status : briareoh has been mailed. Waiting for his response.

Artwork by Dave Crossland

Status : Dave Crossland has been mailed. Waiting for his response.

Artwork by Mariapc (starwars)

Status : Mariapc has been mailed. Waiting for response.

Contributors for GFDL

If you have contributed to the gNewSense artwork and have no issues with your artwork being re-licensed under the GNU Free Documentation License (GFDL), please add your name below. Note that by adding your name, you accept that your artwork be re-licensed to GFDL and therefore we don't have to contact you about it.

List of Contributors who are unanimous with the gNewSense project's decision to re-license the artwork to GFDL.


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