Short story

I don't use Free Software because it is available "at no cost", I use it because I am considerate of others.

Long story

I am the project manager of the AtShop3D photo manager (which is currently inactive) and spend most of my time with freelance graphics and website design.

Free software before 1998 years ago for me was almost unheard of, until I started to use Red Hat in high school.

I discovered "open source" programmes on Red Hat (GNU/)Linux and Windows. Then, Ubuntu came out with quite a few PC magazines calling it "The Windows replacement", so I partitioned the hard drive in half and installed it dual-boot. It took me a while to get used to using programmes in Ubuntu not because they're unintuitive, but because I was used to proprietary applications. Regardless, I kept dual-booting in to Ubuntu out of curiosity.

Now just to get a bit off-topic here, the first OS I was ever exposed to was MS DOS 3.0 - and it stuck. Even when Windows 95 became mainstream, I still preferred to use the command line, but that's my preference. :) Aggressive marketing on Microsoft's part made me believe that DOS and Windows were pretty much the only operating systems in existence. How horrifying it feels to admit that! But, I'm proud to say I'm now more wiser than that.

Back to the Ubuntu story, I wanted to find out how to install programs and being a terminal lad at heart found 3 new best friends:

Of course there are many more apt-cache and apt-get commands, but the above commands were repetitively used, possibly every hour.

Hours turned in to days. Days turned in to weeks. Weeks in to months. Megabytes turned in to gigabytes. This hard drive is getting full. I needed to remove a partition from the hard drive. That was the last time Windows was installed on any of my computers.

to be continued... How I discovered that (Linux != OS) && ((GNU+Linux) == OS)) && ("Open Source" != "Free Software")

Interesting links: An excellent resource on the Dvorak keyboard layout which offers faster typing and higher typing accuracy. (Australian mirror) Frequently visited on my part for its PHP documentation. Where I work.


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