It’s not so easy to talk about me. Different people called me in many different ways: artist, hacker, writer, fighter, poet.

My name is Graziano Sorbaioli and I am a software freedom and free culture activist. Online since 1996 (Video On Line) I learned about free software during 2001 thanks to ReDo. During 2005 I created (previously known as Chi3) to spread digital freedom. I am a member of the Free Software Foundation since 2007 and my constant research in the field of computer science put me in contact with several italian and foreign hackers crew such as Free Software Foundation, Free Software Foundation Europe, GNU Project, Winston Smith Project, Freaknet Medialab, Autistici / Inventati.

In my spare time I like to write. I wrote some articles about free software, martial arts and two poetry collections. Actually I live in Italy with my girlfriend Mirella. “… se non c’è più Lei, per me… tutta questa messinscena del mondo che gira, possono pure smontare tutto, portare via… possono schiodare tutto, arrotolare tutto il cielo e legarlo su un camion con rimorchio, possono spengere questa luce bellissima del sole che mi piace tanto tanto…” (Roberto Benigni, The tiger and the snow)


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