my name is Arnuld. I work on C++ professionally. Personally I love languages like Commoon-Lisp, Haskell, Mercury and OCaml. I love  System and Network Programming. I like to hack on Emacs and my Home Computer runs "a tiled WM (wmii) + Emacs + rxvt-unicode +  BurningDog". 

I believe in producing technically better solutions to the problems we face. I strictly hate money-driven software
development, the root-cause of all those 3rd class proprietary softwares in the market.

 I decided to have 100% Libre distro and installed gNewSense 1.1. on DEC 5th, 2007 for final (final, because I already did the installation  around 5 times ;-) Now I am finally assured that I will never ever get locked by patent licenses and have full freedom to do whatever I want to do  with the software. Ah... what a satisfaction :) 


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