My name is Bruno Miguel and I live in Portugal

In the beginning of 2007, I became familiar with the open source community and I liked being able to see the code, although I don't know how to code. Being able to see the code and share the software with anyone made sense to me, it seemed fair. So, I decided to install Ubuntu and ditch Windows.

When I installed Ubuntu, I used mostly free applications, but some blobs remained, like drivers and codecs. A few months later, I became aware of the free software movement and what I saw was real freedom and not just a matter of convenience. So, I began my study about Free Software. Due to this, I ditched Ubuntu and installed Debian and used mostly Free Software - about 85/90%.

But Debian has some non-free/crippled software. Due to this, I started equating gNewSense, because I'm familiarized with the "Debian way" and it's Free, plain and simple. Now, I'm using gNewSense 2.0 and I'm loving it. :D


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