I'm Christian Dersch from Germany. I'm a student right now (and for the next ?? years) and I'm a big fan of free software. I use free software for programming, surfing in the internet and ... Well, lets say I use free software for everything I do with my computer.

I started to work with gNewSense in May 2008 (deltah 2.0) and now I want to contribute to gNewSense, because I want to give something back to gNewSense. Using free software is great and important, but I like to improve and publicise it.

How I contribute to gNewSense:

I translate the wiki into german and try to publicise gNewSense

How to contact me:

I'm christian (or christian_d) at freenode and I'm in #gnewsense and #gnewsense-de when I have got enough time

email: cdersch at online.de


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