I come from a background of point-and-click-type computing and minimal formal training in IT where most of my problems ended in "... ask the Systems Administrator" who also happened to be me...

"Perpetual Newbie" since November 1998, my first foray into Linux was Red Hat 5.2 which I installed on a 486DX.

Passionate about the philosophy of Richard Stallman. Passionate about human rights and freedoms.

Wanting to fast-track my knowledge of all things Gnu/Linux and self empowerment. Willing to exchange help of non-technical nature (editing/feedback/opinion/graphics) for help/mentoring (spoon-feeding?) of a technical nature (computer/software how-to).

Goals: To set up my own secure GNU/Linux-run lan and webserver, 'graduate' to some intermediate level of understanding of computer administration, begin learning some basic programming and command line...


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