When a developer with an account on the gNewSense buildd (bloodnok at the time of writing) has created a libre package (FIXME: Link) and wants to upload it to the buildd (FIXME: link), they should ensure the following configuration has been made.

dput configuration

dput is the tool we use for uploading source packages to the buildd. Please note binary packages MUST NOT be uploaded.

To configure dput, add the following snippet to your $HOME/.dput.rc file.

fqdn = bloodnok.gnewsense.org
incoming = /srv/autobuilder/incoming
method = rsync
allow_unsigned_uploads = 0
progress_indicator = 2
# Allow uploads for parkes/metad packages
allowed_distributions = .*


This can be done with the following command:

This will upload the source files into the correct path for the rebuildd helper jobs to find them and add them to the build queue.

If you upload a package with a changes file like this:

The buildd will silently delete the package (It would be nice to make it verbosely refuse, but we don't have that yet)

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